CSA- Community Supported Agriculture

by Emily Steers on 07/26/2010

This past Saturday, we signed up to receive a box from our local CSA– or community supported agriculture.

While we do certainly love making things from our own veggie and herb crops, they’re just not reliable enough to count on for everyday meals.  So we may be buying more CSA boxes this summer.

We did this quite a bit last summer, but didn’t catch on until late August.  By that time, our vegetable providers were in full-on fall veggie mode.  We ended up with a lot of leafy greens.

We’re talking every single color of chard known to man, kale, and mustard greens.  Really delicious and really good for you, but it was taxing our creativity to keep coming up with ways to cook them!

But we totally lucked out with this box.  We got the above red basil, which smells absolutely fantastic.

We got about two pounds of bright red cherry tomatoes.

Gorgeous zucchinis.

This zucchini is called un rond du nice.  It’s a little round squash.  It’s so cute.  I kind of don’t have the heart to slice it open, but we’re thinking about making the stuffed rond du nice recipe from Smitten Kitchen (only vegetarian).

My former college classmate, Brian, also signs up for CSA boxes, but in Boston.  You can read a lot about his Community Supported Agriculture dishes and even projects from his Community Supported Fishery on A Thought for Food.

Have you ever gotten a CSA box?  What have you been seeing at your farmer’s markets?

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Cameron July 28, 2010 at 2:06 PM

That’s awesome!! Looks like you got some great stuff!! We got our third CSA share box today & it was my favorite one so far! I posted about it on my blog!!


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