Nifty Tech Stuff: epicurious iPad App

by Emily Steers on 10/27/2010

I came home yesterday to my boyfriend hugging me (not unusual), telling me that he missed me while i was at work (not unusual) and then taking me by the hand (also not really unusual). He’s a romantic guy.

Then he muttered, “I bought a toy.”

Ah, the iPad.

It’s for “work,” as he installed some sort of visual, touchscreen interface that controls Logic, the main program he uses to compose on his dual ginormous Mac tower computers, which is also hooked up to two cinema displays and one large television (for “playback,” natch). As he showed me this, lots of tweeting and hooting and screeching emerged from the speakers, bending when his fingers played with the touchscreen. Sure, whatever.

Then he showed me the app he downloaded for me: the epicurious app. It’s pretty cool!

It’s bright and lovely, with good photos and a decent interface (it crashed twice when we were trying to do some rapid-fire stuff on it, but no biggie).

(stills taken from here)

The menus on the side there get updated for the season.  Right now, the “Halloween Treats” section caught my eye, because they featured some super-cute Bakeralla monster cake pops.

Recipe selection is easy, as most of the recipes have pretty photos to go with, you can search for ingredients, and you can even narrow it down by listing it alphabetically, or putting the suckers with photos at the top.  Which is what I would do.  Because food porn is awesome.

Also, when you add a recipe to your recipe list, the app automatically makes a shopping list, that it SEGMENTS BY LOCATION IN THE GROCERY STORE.  So, like, fresh produce is all listed together, proteins are all listed together, dairy is all listed together, etc. etc.  And you can check off each ingredient as it goes in your cart.

There’s an iPhone version of this, too, but I think it’s really well suited for the gleaming screen of the iPad.  And it’s a little less clunky than using the website on my MacBook.  If they made the app to work on laptops, I’d get it, but right now, they don’t

Also? The app is free.  But the iPad costs $500.

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liz @ btb October 27, 2010 at 7:44 AM

Ahh, I want an ipad. Any downsides that you’ve noticed?


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