Finishing Touches

by Emily Steers on 07/08/2010

David and I have been moping around the house for the last few weeks, somewhat project-less.  So, we’ve decided that we need to start putting some “finishing touches” on our decor, landlord and security deposit a-little-bit-be-damned.

First up?  We’re painting another room.

As already discussed, we’ve painted David’s studio, and also painted our bedroom a lovely shade from the Martha Stewart Collection at the Home Depot.

Now, we’re going to paint our living room bright white.  A little bit of it inspired by the beachiness of our house.

I yanked this image from over at Coastal Living.  Everything about this room makes me happy.  The blue stripes on the chairs, the color of the floor, the rustic wood over the fireplace.  Our floors are tile, but about the same color.  We also think we’re going to paint our brick mantle a contrasting color (probably deep, espresso brown, in a matte finish) to make it pop a bit more.  Right now, it’s fire-engine red, and gives the entire living room a pink glow.

We’re definitely getting some ideas from DIY television shows and websites.

Apartment Therapy is one of my favorites, for sure.  The only problem with this website is that everyone seems to be obsessed with mid-century modern furniture, and that mostly just reminds me of my grandma’s basement.  Also, they have budgets for things that far, far, far exceed ours.  Sorry, but five grand on a sofa just isn’t going to happen right now!

A site that’s a bit more palatable is Design Sponge. It’s definitely more DIY and can be a lot more budget friendly.

But if you want real budget and hands-on goodness, nothing beats (as we all know) Ready Made.  It was pretty much the Bible of hipster undergrads at Emerson College (my alma mater; not sure if I ever mentioned that before!).   Stuff like “How to Make Your Own Modern Dioramas” just tickles me.

What are your “inspiration” links?

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