if you build it

David and I are pretty handy, but we haven’t really tackled any major power tool projects until recently.

We needed a piece of furniture in the bedroom for storage, so we decided on this project from Ana White.

It’s a knockoff of a $400 bookshelf from Pottery Barn.

We obviously don’t have $400 to spend on furniture right now, and heck, we really didn’t want to spend the $200 for a piece from Ikea.  And we wanted a new challenge!

David cut some wood for the project Friday.

And then we started construction early Saturday.

Wood, wood filler, and a few other necessities cost about $80.  It’s higher than Ana estimated for the project, but we’re not really surprised, because we are shopping in Los Angeles, where everything is marked up AND sales tax is about 10%.

Thankfully, there’s still some lumber left over; so not all $80 worth of materials are being used for this shelving unit.

Drill, baby. Drill.

That’s the only circumstance where I’ll use that phrase!

So far, so square.

Spacing and measuring and eventually, cutting.

Carson didn’t understand that now was not a time to play.

Probably not the safest drill technique.  And yes, we know those shorts are hideous.


I promise I did more than just stand around and watch David use his power tools.  I did actually measure and lift and grunt and get covered in saw dust.  I promise.  I know how to use a circular saw!

But sadly, MY project pants saw their end on Saturday, during construction.  Split right up the back.  I’ve been wearing them with holes in the bum for months, but I guess this was the end.  Those jeans lasted me about six years before their demise; I might still just sew them up and keep wearing them.

I’m cool like that.

I’ll show you the fully-constructed piece tomorrow!

What did you do this weekend?

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